Polaroid – Impossible Project

Polaroid – Impossible Project

Hello all. Well, I haven’t been updating this blog very much and I hate myself for it. But I thought I’d make an entry to mention something cool that I’ve just come across.

Most people I’m sure will remember Polaroid instant cameras and film. They’re basically now considered one of those technologies that never made the distance, like BetaMax and Laser Discs. They were rad and had a good run, but they just didn’t make it. I remember my family having a Polaroid camera, and my grandparents having one and I’m pretty sure if I dig in a photo box I’d find some old photos taken with them.

Anyway after Polaroid gave up the fight to keep their old format alive, a group called The Impossible Project decided that they still had the desire to fight for the format so they bought the last Polaroid factory in the Netherlands to continue on with making instant films. I won’t tell the whole story here, instead I’ll point you to the project’s website; it’s right over here.

Anyway, they do great work and it’s awesome that someone had the drive and desire to keep a format alive that probably would have died out. I know that both Polaroid and Fuji have released their own new instant cameras, but I think there’s something awesome and almost symbolic about saving the original format from extinction.

A week or so ago TIP announced they were running a worldwide sale on a limited number of refurbished Polaroid 1200/Spectra cameras. I had to have one. I know that a friend from work was keen to get hold of one too, so I got the thumbs up from her and I was set and determined to get one (two). Alarm clock set, I woke up at 3am to be online when the countdown finished and they were available to buy. I strategically put some films in my shopping cart first so the last thing I had to do was actually buy the cameras. The countdown stopped, I added two cameras to my shopping cart and PayPal’d my way outta there! Success! I kept my eye on the site and within five or so minutes they had sold out. So I was super pleased. Here’s a photo of the camera and film packs.

Cut to Thursday and Friday of last week, me stressing like crazy about them arriving via courier…me having to get my stern voice on over the phone to not one but two courier companies who couldn’t seem to do their core business properly even when both being involved in the transaction and they finally arrived. We split up the cameras and films and yesterday I took my first two shots.

They were taken on Polaroid “Image” film stock that expired in 2009 in my refurbished Polaroid Spectra with everything on automatic.

This is me with another Polaroid camera I recently bought but have yet to purchase film for, the Polaroid Spirit 600 CL (taken by Kylie).

The second photo is my fiance Kylie with her Sock Monkey…he’s clearly up to something.

I love how they come out. I’m looking forward to shooting more with it. One thing about shooting in this format is that I really REALLY need to think about what I want to shoot before I shoot it. The Polaroid film packs only take 10 shots and the Impossible Project film only eight, so there can’t be any indiscriminate snapping away to get a good shot, it’s gotta be good straight away!

Anyway, blogs ahoy! I’ll try and update this some more, especially with more art. I’ve been quite slack in the art department lately.

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