Certo-Phot. Medium format photography.

Certo-Phot. Medium format photography.

A little while ago I bought an old German camera on eBay called the Certo-Phot. It’s a medium format camera that was made in the 50s. It’s made of metal and takes 120mm film. One of my oldest friends and uber photographer Danny Diaz has been up visiting, so I thought it’d be great to take the opportunity of Danny being here to get some film for the Certo and check out if the old beast actually works. Decided to go all out and get everything I’d need to process the film here at home as well as it was something Danny and I both have an interest in playing around with. Seemed like the perfect time to experiment and give it a shot!

I picked up some Kodak TX400 Black and White 120mm film and all of the equipment and chemicals I’d need to process the film here at home and spent the next few days snapping away with the camera at various places. The camera itself is quite simple. It has two shutter settings, Bulb and a one speed shutter that other websites suggest is around 1/50. It has two settings for aperture being f8 and f11. That’s it, pretty basic. I had never used medium format film before, so Danny helped me with some tips on loading the film into the camera and how to basically shoot with it. Winding on so you can see the number in the window on the back etc.

One of the steps in processing film at home is transferring the exposed film from the camera to the actual developing tank, which needs to be done in darkness. I bought a film changing bag which is essentially a light tight bag with elastic holes for your arms to go in and do the spooling and transfer of the film. You can’t see what you’re doing, so I gave it a couple of dry runs on some old ruined film I had just so I could get used to doing it without seeing.

Anyway, medium story short, here are some of the results! I’m really happy with how they turned out, for a first time doing any of it I think I did alright.

If you want to see the rest of the photos I have uploaded them to a Flickr set. Here are a couple to check out though. I can’t wait to do some more!



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  1. Danny Diaz says:

    Nice photos…is that a plane in the top right of the first photo?

    • Saltmarsh says:

      I think it might just be a bit of crap on the neg or scanner hah. Good spotting though…it looks like it could have been a plane. Would have been awesome if it was.

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